Why London is the World's top Twitter city


David Cameron may think Twitter users are twats and the odd Archbishop reckons that micro blogging may stop people from forming real relationships, but that hasn’t stopped London becoming the city with the most Twitter users in the world.

This has been coming a fair while thanks to the constant hyping of the micro blogging format by UK celebs and especially the BBC, however London’s status as the capital of the tweet was confirmed by Twitter CEO Ev Williams in a rather odd interview for BBC’s Newsnight.

All of this begs the question why do Brits love Twitter so much? Here’s a few of my half-baked theories.

1 We did kind of invent it – Except it was called text messaging and was used on mobiles and you only shared with one person. The Americans never got texting the way we did so maybe Twitter is their text alternative.

2 As a nation we aren’t that demonstrative – Stiff upper lips and all that. One of the reasons why blogging isn’t as big over here is that we really don’t have that much to say. 140 charactars give us more than enough words to express ourselves.

3 Moaning about the weather – Our national pastime and with Twitter we can talk about our favourite topic with a large group of people instantly. Brilliant!

4 Celeb stalking – Ok, so I might not be too bothered about what Philip Schofield has for
breakfast, but Brits do love to find out about their lives of their favourite celebs.

5 Public transport – In British cities this is obviously completely shit, so what better way to let the entire world know that you are few minutes late because you have ducked into Starbucks are waiting for the non existent bus

6 We love mobiles – And those all you can eat data tariffs mean that we can happily let the world know our every move without having to worry too much about the cost

7 Queuing – Well we are used to be being a little patient, so Twitter’s consistent down time doesn’t annoy us as much as it would say the Italians.

8 No ads – Yep it is almost a public services, a bit like the BBC. We are used to that

9 Flirting
– We perfected the art of the flirty text years ago. Twitter enables us to take that coy but complimentary comment to another level.

10 We are too busy to blog – Allright so our economy might be going down the toilet but most of us are still wedded to that old Brit work ethic. So while we might not have the time to blog we can find just enough time to tweet

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