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A new partnership will see classic moments from the BBC’s television archives appearing on MySpaceTV, the social networking site’s online TV platform.

MySpace users will be able to subscribe to the BBC video channel to view, embed, and share a range of BBC content, including classic moments such as Robbie Williams and Russell Crowe being interviewed by Parkinson, Jeremy Clarkson and his team on Top Gear, clips from David Attenborough’s natural history series, plus highlights from dramas such as Doctor Who, Robin Hood and Torchwood, and comedy including The Catherine Tate show, Red Dwarf, and The Mighty Boosh.

Available immediately across MySpace’s 27 international regions, it’s the first global agreement between MySpace and a major broadcaster. Speaking of the deal, Travis Katz, Managing Director, International, MySpace, noted, “This is the first global network deal for MySpaceTV and we believe it’s the future of collaboration between the web and networks around the globe. The BBC is one of the world’s most recognised and trusted television brands with fantastic content. Bringing the BBC onto the MySpace network is a sign of how the market has changed and how companies like ours are shaping the future of entertainment.”

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