Samsung teaming up with Yahoo to offer web-enhanced TV, via the Widget Channel

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samsung-yahoo-widget-channel-series-7-8-9-tv.jpgSamsung will, so it is believed, announce a deal with Yahoo to include a series of web apps with its refreshed HDTV range at this week’s IFA tech show.

The apps, powered by Yahoo Widgets and operating under the name Widget Channel, will let you augment your TV-watching experience, having all sorts of little windows popping up to give you news feeds, tell you what the weather is doing outside and let you watch share prices plummet throughout that afternoon’s episode of Countdown.

The Widgets will let developers use Java, XML, HTML and Flash, all hopefully working together to not crash your television and instead take telly to new and exciting highs.

Widgets will be coming to Samsung’s Series 7, 8 and 9 TVs later this year, which will be upgraded to feature integrated Ethernet ports to help usher in this new wave of TV. TV 2.0. TV Next. TV Evolved. We’ll hopefully have more facts about this, along with video proof of it working, from IFA later this week.

(Via Inquirer)

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