Chumby widget box available now from Firebox

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chumby.jpgIf you don’t want to splash out on a netbook, or perhaps just want a simple introduction to the wonders of the web for a loved one, take a quick look at the Chumby widget box.

Connect it up to your Wi-Fi internet connection, and the Chumby will let you browse as many as 1500 internet widgets. It’s a simple, intuitive device that makes use of a 3.2 inch touchscreen to let you browse content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a whole host of other sites.

The Chumby also comes with built in 2W speakers, an accelerometer for gaming and two USB ports for accessing a limited range of media files.

You can pickup a Chumby from Firebox priced £139.99, or for more information on the widget box, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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