BBC iPlayer racks up 3.5 million views in 20 days

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bbc-iplayer-figures.jpgThose of you not affected by port’n’turkey sloth on Christmas Day may well have downloaded the official release of the BBC’s iPlayer, as it came out that day. According to the Beeb, more than a million people have since used the service, watching more than 3.5 million programmes.

The corporation says 250,000 shows have been streamed or downloaded every day since launch, with streaming users outnumbering downloaders by a factor of eight. Get set for some LONG TAIL ACTION – nearly half of all the shows that were watched were from outside the Beeb’s 50 most popular programmes.

Popular shows so far include the Doctor Who Christmas special, Top Gear, and the festive edition of Eastenders. Yes, I know that’s a dictionary-stretching definition of ‘festive’.

(via BBC News)

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