BBC launches widgets for Radio Times, Good Food, and Top Gear web sites

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bbc_top_gear_widget.pngThe BBC is certainly keen to get their content out beyond the gogglebox in the living room. Last month, they put classic TV clips on MySpaceTV, they’ve put classic Parkinson and EastEnders on YouTube, and their iPlayer is booming, so it’s probably no surprise that they’ve now developed widgets which can be used on the desktop, on social networking sites, and popular blog platforms.,, and, all now provide widgets which give regular feeds of the latest news and information.

Granted, widgets aren’t exactly a new phenomenon, but it’s good to see the BBC making the content that we pay for more easily available. They work in Vista, Mac OS X’s Dashboard, Yahoo! Widgets, Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Windows Live and Blogger, to name but a few.

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Andy Merrett
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  • Hi Jak,

    Yes, I’ve heard there have been problems with that. It’s certainly something they need to get right, if for no other reason than they’re obliged to make their programming more accessible no matter what format it’s distributed in.

  • For me, the BBC iplayer are rubbish! They promised to provide subtitles but they failed it since last summer. I can’t believe that it’s not beta now.

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