RSS inventor won't miss Google Reader

The internet may be weeping at the news that Google Reader may be about to close, but one person of note won't be shedding a tear. Dave Winer, an instrumental figure in both the invention of RSS feeds and blogs,…

APP OF THE DAY: Pulse (Android)

Google's Reader app may be the RSS manager of choice when it comes to Android handsets thanks to its clean and simple interface, but if you're looking for a snazzier way to browse your news stories then you simply must…

Google Reader app for Android phones launched

It's been far too long coming, but Google have finally lifted the lid on their native Google Reader app for Android phones. Thankfully it seems like it was time well spent in the development stages for the RSS reader, as…

Are RSS, Posterous/Tumblr and constant linking killing Twitter?

For me the joy of Twitter is that it is one huge personalised RSS feed. You take all the people in the world that you find cool and interesting and then you get to see what they are reading. Everyone has a point of view and a right to share their content. That's what makes it fascinating.

Snowl: Firefox messaging hub for those too lazy to use other applications


If you live in Firefox then one of Mozilla Labs’ latest add-ons could be for you.

It turns the web browser into a “messaging hub”, allowing you to view a “River of Messages” which displays email, Twitter, and RSS feed updates on a single web page. If the concept is popular, Mozilla will develop the application further.

At present there’s no integration of true instant messaging clients, but Mozilla says that it’s “particularly interested in feedback on how messaging might fit into the browsing experience and if there are other interfaces (or refinements to the two interfaces built into the prototype) that would make it easier for users to have online conversations.”

BBC launches widgets for Radio Times, Good Food, and Top Gear web sites

bbc_top_gear_widget.pngThe BBC is certainly keen to get their content out beyond the gogglebox in the living room. Last month, they put classic TV clips on MySpaceTV, they’ve put classic Parkinson and EastEnders on YouTube, and their iPlayer is booming, so it’s probably no surprise that they’ve now developed widgets which can be used on the desktop, on social networking sites, and popular blog platforms.,, and, all now provide widgets which give regular feeds of the latest news and information.