WMC 2008: Microsoft tries to take credit for inventing RSS feeds – launches MSN Direct on Windows Mobile


msn-direct-windows-mobile.jpgDon’t really understand what the big idea is behind MSN Direct, to be honest.

It seems to be a system a bit like the Windows Vista sidebar, that lets you see weather reports and read news headlines and watch your share values plummet in real time on your Windows Mobile device.

Only if you have a Windows Mobile device, surely it’s not really that life-endingly difficult to open you your web browser, go to bbc.co.uk and look at what the news and weather’s like, then see what the latest financial crisis is for yourself?

Sorry to come across like it’s Cynical Tuesday here in Misery Town, but this does seem to be about the most pointless example of software innovation Microsoft’s managed to come up with since… whenever Vista launched.

(Via MSN Direct)

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Gary Cutlack
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