Microsoft taking Nokia out to lunch – the subject? Windows Mobile world domination…

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windows-mobile-nokia-symbian.jpg“So anyway, Bob, the real reason I wanted to meet with you today is this…” *JOHN SLIDES WINDOWS MOBILE SPEC SHEET OVER TO BOB*

Clearly Nokia’s very happy with its Symbian/Series 60 thing it’s got going on right now, with the little OS more than capable of powering quite a chunk of the Nokia range. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft trying to tempt the mobile superpower to switch to Windows Mobile.

“They obviously have significant investments in Symbian but there are a lot of places where we have significant synergies and we would love to see the day where those synergies would extend completely with Windows Mobile,” said John Starkweather, who must get really bored of seeing people’s eyes glaze over when he says he’s Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director.

Obviously this means nothing. It’s like when Microsoft said it was talking to Sony about Blu-ray – it may well be doing lots of talking, but that doesn’t mean anyone is listening or doing anything other than inviting the Microsoft people over to pay for lunch.

Chances of Windows Mobile appearing on the Nokia range? Remote, especially as Nokia’s partially-owned Symbian system has 67% of the mobile OS market – compared to WinMo’s rather flimsy 14%.

(Via PMP Today)

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