Microsoft hedging its bets about Blu-ray – still "talking to" Sony


jeff-bell-microsoft-blu-ray-hdi.jpgMicrosoft’s Jeff Bell, who has a really long job title so is clearly very important and must have an awesome car, says MS has “been talking to Blu-ray all along.”

The two-faced gits!

Although it hasn’t been talking about putting Blu-ray drives into Xbox 360s or anything quite so dramatic – it’s been trying to convince Team BR to use Microsoft’s HDi software, the clever bit of technology that added all the extra features to HD DVD.

Blu-ray uses the slightly tougher-to-work-with and still under development Java-based system to power its interactive menus and stuff, see, whereas HD DVDs HDi is (or was) always the favourite option with disc creators. Thanks to being finished, unlike the Blu-ray Java thing and its embarrassing “Profile 2.0” mess that’s about to anger all the early adopters by making their players useless.

Now, if Microsoft could somehow convince Sony to use HDi in some way it could still rake in the cash from the next-gen format war after all. Hence the outward friendliness, even though they are locked in a DEADLY BATTLE.

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  • Profile 2.0 will not render early players useless, it will just mean they will not get extra functionailty in the future. They will still be able to watch movies.

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