Microsoft's Xbox Live-on-a-mobile 'Live Anywhere' service still coming. Eventually


Live Anywhere arrived to a big fanfare when it was first revealed in early 2006, with demos – now clearly revealed as fantasy mock-ups – that showed gamers editing their Forza Motorsport 2 cars on mobiles, texting them over to friends, accessing their Xbox Live GamerTags on their phones and playing their Live Arcade game collections on a suitably powerful handset.

That, we now know, is a dream that didn’t happen. Not even a sniff of a beta. But it’s still on the cards – Microsoft’s Live supremo Jeff Bell recently confirmed that bringing Xbox Live to mobiles is still very much one of Microsoft’s future plans…

Microsoft hedging its bets about Blu-ray – still "talking to" Sony

jeff-bell-microsoft-blu-ray-hdi.jpgMicrosoft’s Jeff Bell, who has a really long job title so is clearly very important and must have an awesome car, says MS has “been talking to Blu-ray all along.”

The two-faced gits!

Although it hasn’t been talking about putting Blu-ray drives into Xbox 360s or anything as dramatic – it’s been trying to convince Team BR to use Microsoft’s HDi software, the clever bit of technology that added all the extra features to HD DVD…