HotOrNot website acquired for $20 million, featured girls' looks still debatable


Being whispered from ear to ear today (well, blog to blog) is the rumour that, the eight-year old site where you rate the looks of submitted photos of girls, has been sold. Sold for $20 million, believe it or not.

Yes, it appears there’s a lot of money in the business of deciding whether a girl’s jubblies are perky enough for your taste, as the investors are creating a new company based on the website’s name, HotOrNot Media, and are looking to purchase other, similar sites to add to the portfolio.

TechCrunch is reporting that their annual revenue is $5 million, garnered from advertising, virtual flowers, and a premium fee, and has approximately 5 million unique readers per month, with 200 million page impressions.

HotOrNot (via TechCrunch)

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