Official: Mac users are pervier than Windows users



That’s right. Under Steve Jobs’ cuddly sweaters beats a heart that’s FILTHY and DEPRAVED and DIRTY. And there’s some Chinese love balls lurking in those trousers. It’s not me saying this, mind. It’s UK sex-toys retailer LoveHoney.

They’ve been rooting around in their Google Analytics logs to see how Mac users compare to Windows users, based on the nearly one million unique users who visited the site in December. They found that Mac users spend an average of 5 minutes 56 seconds on LoveHoney, compared to Windows users’ 5 minutes 15 seconds.

More importantly, Mac users spend an average of £40.38 on the site, compared to the £35.90 of Windows users. Mind you, Linux users make them both look like prudes, with an average spend of £48.55. There’s more sex toy stat shenanigans at the LoveHoney blog via the link below, if you fancy comparing the average spend of PS3 and Wii owners…

Mac v Windows post

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Stuart Dredge
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  • We’re not pervy… Just sexually liberated! 😉 Now, just let me get back to lovehoney….

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