Google makes a small change that'll have a big impact

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rss.jpgDo you know what RSS is? If not, go watch this 1-minute video very quickly and consider yourself enlightened. It’s still a scary and misunderstood concept for a lot of people. Most of the mainstream have never heard of it. But Google have just made one change that could really help matters. Three little words – “Follow this blog”.

Very soon, those words will appear on the headers of all blogs powered by Blogger. If users click them, then they’ll be taken either to a tab in their Blogger dashboard (if they have an account and are logged in) or be introduced to Google Reader (if they don’t).

RSS is fantastic, and saves me hours each day of swapping between different blogs and press centres, but the name is confusing and intimidating for people who don’t know how to use it. “Follow this blog” is absolutely clear and will help get people to use RSS without necessarily knowing that they’re using it. I wouldn’t be surprised if other big publishers follow suit very quickly.

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  • RSS is solely how I interact with this website and follow all of my other interests aswell through online content aggregator ‘Netvibes’.

    A lot of people will be familiar with RSS genius under the guise of a ‘podcast’. Which is a little annoying when you don’t actually have to use any kind of ‘pod’ to play them.

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