Snowl: Firefox messaging hub for those too lazy to use other applications

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Firefox_logo.jpgIf you live in Firefox then one of Mozilla Labs’ latest add-ons could be for you.

It turns the web browser into a “messaging hub”, allowing you to view a “River of Messages” which displays email, Twitter, and RSS feed updates on a single web page. If the concept is popular, Mozilla will develop the application further.

At present there’s no integration of true instant messaging clients, but Mozilla says that it’s “particularly interested in feedback on how messaging might fit into the browsing experience and if there are other interfaces (or refinements to the two interfaces built into the prototype) that would make it easier for users to have online conversations.”

What market exactly this is aiming for isn’t clear. If you’ve got a lot of RSS feeds on a number of different subjects, things could get very crowded in Snowl, particularly if you’re used to the likes of Google Reader. Similarly, many “power” Twitter users already have a desktop application for reading and posting tweets.

Conversely, everyday users may not even know, care, or use RSS feeds or Twitter. Still, it’s an add-on to watch, as it has the potential to develop into something good. I’ve not tried it, but PC Pro reports that the prototype version has some formatting and stability issues.

(Via PC Pro)

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