Wii Fit add on to bring real live medical advice to the comfort of your own console


Now it’s not just the gym that needs to worry about what Mario and his pals are up to in your home. Yes, medical practioners of the world need now fear for their jobs, or more likely the ones in private healthcare better start saving, because Nintendo is planning an add on for the Wii Fit apparently called the “Check-Up”.

NEC, Hitachi and Panasonic have got it in development and what it does is to forward on the results from your Wii Fit activities to a medical professional…

Malicious Firefox add-on steals banking passwords


Yet another reason to be extremely vigilant when accessing financial web sites: researchers have discovered an add-on for Firefox which lies in wait for the user to log in to a banking or online payments site and then sends the username and password to a Russian site.

It’s a bit of a blow for those who have trumpeted how secure Firefox is, but of course we all know that no piece of software is completely secure…

Max out your Flash gaming habit with Flash Game Maximizer


Are you tired of squinting at a tiny screen for your lunchtime Desktop Tower Defence habit? Well, squint no longer with the Flash Game Maximizer Firefox add-on. Although some games have a built-in ‘fullscreen’ option, many don’t, and this add-on lets you pump any which don’t up to full 1920×1280, or whatever massive resolution you’re running in.

The add-on’s still ‘experimental’, so you’ll need to log in to Firefox’s add-ons site to download it. When installed, you get a little box in the bottom right hand corner. When it detects flash, it’ll turn yellow, and you can then click it to go fullscreen. Unfortunately it will reset any game currently in progress, so be careful of that. Still, it’s a nice way of avoiding those annoying ads all around the game, and increasing the sense of immersion.

Flash Game Maximizer (via Cnet)

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Snowl: Firefox messaging hub for those too lazy to use other applications


If you live in Firefox then one of Mozilla Labs’ latest add-ons could be for you.

It turns the web browser into a “messaging hub”, allowing you to view a “River of Messages” which displays email, Twitter, and RSS feed updates on a single web page. If the concept is popular, Mozilla will develop the application further.

At present there’s no integration of true instant messaging clients, but Mozilla says that it’s “particularly interested in feedback on how messaging might fit into the browsing experience and if there are other interfaces (or refinements to the two interfaces built into the prototype) that would make it easier for users to have online conversations.”

Sony and Microsoft in talks over 360 Blu-ray add-on?

xbox-360-blu-ray.pngSony and Microsoft are now engaged in talks over the possibility of offering a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360, according to one senior executive.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard such rumours. Long before the demise of HD DVD, shadowy unnamed Microsoft types were heard to say that a Blu-ray alternative to the HD DVD add-on would be highly possible. With HD DVD out of the picture, there’s now a good reason for Microsoft to find an alternative accessory to sell to 360 owners.