Adobe still confident of Flash on iPhone, must pass Apple's tests


flashlogo.gifI’ve lost track of how many times Adobe has said that a version of Flash for the iPhone is imminent, but at the “Flash on the Beach” conference in Brighton (who thought up that title then, eh?), the company said that a version of its Flash Player could be released “in a very short time”.

Of course, it’s one thing to write an application for the iPhone, and quite another to get it past Apple. A number of applications have been refused entry to the App Store, or pulled soon after launching, because they failed one of Apple’s strict entry criteria.

Even if a Flash application made it on to the iPhone, it wouldn’t be integrated with the Safari web browser, which could limit its usefulness. It might be good for playing standalone Flash games, but not a lot else.

Steve Jobs has already gone on record to say that Flash is a resource hog, and isn’t suitable for the iPhone, while Flash Lite “is not capable of being used with the web”.

The tiny light at the end of the tunnel for Adobe is that Jobs says there’s a “missing product in the middle”. That would suggest that, if Adobe can come up with a web-friendly version of Flash that doesn’t annihilate the battery, there may be a chance of it being accepted.

What would be ideal, though, is if Apple and Adobe could work together to integrate Flash into Safari, preferably with a user option to turn it on or off.

(Via Apple Insider)

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