iPad as a fridge magnet? There's an add-on for that!

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fridgepad.jpgLike using your iPad for finding cooking recipes, but don’t like idea of the screen getting all mucky on your work surfaces? Take a look at this novel little gadget from Woodford Design then.

Clipping onto the back of your iPad, the FridgePad is a actually a giant magnet, sitting your iPad comfortably onto the front of your fridge. It’s bound to be more inspiring than those magnetic poetry sets anyway!

“The FridgePad magnetically mounts your iPad to your kitchen fridge so it’s at the heart of your home and in a perfect location for all the family to use,” reads the release.

“The FridgePad can be used in landscape or portrait mode, allows the iPad to be simply clipped in and out for fast access and provides a great safe and secure place to store your iPad,” it continues. “The FridgePad is an accessory to make the iPad work better for you. This really is one of those products that once you have tried it you’ll love it.”

In a neat touch, the corners of the FridgePad are replaceable, meaning that you’ll be able to use it with any number of different sized tablets as they become more widely available.

Expect to see the FridgePad in stores from the Autumn, priced £49.

Gerald Lynch
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