Apple's FaceTime becomes sexy-time as iPhone 4 XXX chat lines pop up

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sexy facetime.jpgIf Steve Jobs isn’t all that keen on adult content hitting his Apple hardware, I reckon he’ll go through the roof once details of this story hit his inbox. It appears that the FaceTime video chat service that’s available to iPhone 4 owners is being put to use in some rather steamy ways.

The Daily Mail is reporting that FaceTime phone-sex services are popping up all over the US, with models “performing” through the app for dirty diallers nationwide.

To be honest, it was bound to happen, at least privately, if not on some sort of commercial basis, wasn’t it?

Quentin Boyer of adult entertainment company Pink Visual would agree, stating that the personal nature of a person’s mobile makes it the perfect platform for private naughtiness: “A phone is such an intimate thing, you usually don’t lend it out or have someone else use it.” Boyer is looking to start a service that features the very ladies that star in his movies.

Well Steve, look on the bright side – at least those using the SexyTime lines are going to need a hand free. That should sort out those signalling problems we should think.

Via: Daily Mail

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