When Ninjas attack… your fridge


The other day, CrunchGear wrote up a useful, in-depth analysis of the Pirates vs Ninjas debate. They concluded the latter, but I think they forgot about the fact that Pirates are constantly drunk, so don’t really feel any pain.

However, if a Ninja needed to leave you a note (saying you were ‘next’ or reminding you to buy some milk, perhaps), this is how he (or she) would do it. They’d sneak into your kitchen in the dead of night, silencing your dog with a poison dart, and then use one of these throwing star magnets to affix the note (written in blood, obviously) to the fridge door, or any other convenient metal surface.

Sadly the site that sells these BRILLIANT items is out of stock until January. We’ve known about these for a couple of weeks, but didn’t want to get your hopes up about a sneaky Christmas present before now. Still, if you fancy pre-ordering for when they’re restocked, then they cost just £12.80, plus shipping.

Epaulet (via OhGizmo!)