Leave video messages on your fridge with the Digital Video Memo


digital-video-memo_main.jpgHere’s a completely genius idea. The Digital Video Memo is a mini fridge magnet with screen and integrated camera. You plonk in it on your fridge and then when you want your partner to feed the dog/buy milk/break down forever as you have run off with the milkman etc you leave a short video message. It then flashes so when your partner returns they can see there is a message waiting.

On the up side it is very cheap at £24.99 and incredibly simple to use. However you need to keep it snappy as you only have a few seconds to record a message and it only stores one message at a time.

I can’t help feeling that there is a killer use for this that no one has thought of yet.
It goes on sale via IWOOT in two weeks time.

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