IWOOT brings Ion's iProfile vinyl to iPod turntable to the UK

Home audio, iPod

iprofile.jpgJust got back from the Beam Presents event where a host of consumer electronics players were parading their latest devices. The highlight for me was at the IWOOT stand where it announced its intention to launch the Ion iProfile turntable in the UK by the end of the month for £129.99.

The turntable is basically a step on from the USB turntable of yore – the key differences is that it cuts out the PC. So users plonk their iPod/iPhone in the slot, start playing the record and the device converts the record’s sounds into MP3 audio files. The company has also cut a deal with Gracenote too so you can instantly name the tracks you have just recorded.

It also has an onboard USB socket so you can transfer music to a PC should you wish. Obviously it also works as a standard record player too.

iPorfile 2.jpg

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