HTC HD2 gets battery boost and kickstand

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htc hd2 extended battery.jpgOne of our only gripes with the fantastic HTC HD2 was its relatively poor battery life. E-tailer Clove look to have the problem solved, with a pre-order listing for a new extended-life battery for the handset.

Whereas the battery that shipped with the phone is a 1,230mAh number, this new accessory looks to double the amount of energy that can be stored up.

The new battery also comes with a flick-out kick-stand for table mounting your smartphone. It’s a gorgeous screen on the HTC HD2, so it was a bit of an oversight not have this feature onboard to begin with. Better late than never!

Admittedly, it does make the phone a few millimetres chunkier, but we’d say that’s a small price to pay for a couple of hours more charge.

The HTC HD2 extended battery will cost around £53. Click here to see Clove’s listing for the add-on.

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