The BBC's iPlayer now works on Firefox


bbc-iplayer-firefox.jpgGreat news. The only time I’ve had to use Internet Explorer so far this year was when loading up the Beeb’s iPlayer to see if the new series of Torchwood was as bad and as homo-erotically-charged as everyone said it was. It was.

Fortunately, iPlayer now works on Firefox. Without any extra fiddling around. Look at that image there – I just took that in Firefox. It worked. There was no fiddling around or installing of stuff. Internet Explorer is now dead to me.

Also, in case you were wondering – you don’t need a TV license to watch iPlayer. A commenter over on The Register pointed out this post by a BBC man which says that iPlayer, thanks to its not-live status, currently falls outside of the TV license law.

Which shows how terribly short-sighted the BBC was in 1922 when it introduced the TV license fee. Didn’t it see the internet and on-demand streaming services coming?

(Via The Register)

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