Joost gets its own unofficial Flash mash-up



Cor! Someone’s only gone and made a version of Joost that works within your web browser, rather than making you download a dedicated application.

It’s called Joost Flash Mashup, and it’s the work of developer Paul Yanez, who decided to make it after getting fed up at having to continually upgrade the downloadable Joost client. All you need is a web browser with the latest version of Flash, and you’re sorted.

What’s more, he’s given the content a tweak too, pulling in RSS feeds from video sites like YouTube, Veoh, Google Video, MySpace, Digg and *cough* Pornotube. He’s managed to squeeze nearly all of Joost’s widgets into the Flash version too, as well as an extra one to let users chat using their webcams.

Joost Flash Mashup (via NewTeeVee)

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