Griffin announces "iKaraoke TunePrompter" free video creation tool

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griffin_ikaraoke_tuneprompter_software.gifGriffin has announced its iKaraoke TunePrompter software, a free tool that lets you make karaoke videos from your existing music library. You do need to own the iKaraoke iPod gadget if you want to use the resulting video on your iPod, though the videos can also be used straight out of iTunes.

The software is easy to use: simply load up your favourite song, enter or find its lyrics, and then teach TunePrompter where those lyrics sit in the song by tapping the space bar along to the music.

The videos aren’t fancy – white text on a black background changing to blue text when the word is to be sung – but of course the real ‘beauty’ (if karaoke can ever be described in that way) is what the iKaraoke system is doing to the audio.

Update: I’ve just received an email from Jamin Guy, who developed the software, to say that it’s possible to change the fonts, colours, and background image. It’s also possible to load up Quartz Composer files for animated backgrounds. Indeed it is – sorry for the omission.

Even so, some nice iTunes-esque background textures would be nice.

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