Griffin launches new iPod add-ons – iTalk Pro, iKaraoke and TuneCenter

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Griffin, creators of all things iPod, has unveiled three new devices for the portable player – the iTalk Pro recording studio, iKaraoke and the TuneCenter media centre.

The iTalk Pro plugs into your iPod’s dock connector to become a portable mobile recording studio. It features two built-in microphones to record in stereo at 44.1 kHz. And if you want to spread out for greater stereo separation, you can with a stereo 1/8-inch (3.5mm) input jack for your external mic. You can record in either 16-bit stereo or 8-bit mono and there’s one-touch recording makes operation. Recording a bedroom demo suddenly seems very easy.

iKaraoke means just that – karoaoke from your iPod. A high-quality compact microphone plugs into your iPod and at the flick of a switch, existing vocals fade into the background, leaving instruments and backing vocals intact. iKaraoke also sends the music – along with your performance – to your stereo system wirelessly or by cable for the world to hear. And it also features three levels of reverb to blend vocals and accompaniment (and to smooth out your rough edges).

The TuneCenter is a media centre for your iPod, allowing you to watch videos, listen to your music library or browse photos via your TV screen and speakers – all controllable by a remote. This mini-dock also provides access to a number of internet radio stations which can be heard through your connected TV with minimal configuration.

All of these add-ons were unveiled this week at the Apple Expo in Paris and should be available to buy in the coming weeks. However, as yet, prices and availability are not yet confirmed.

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