Stair lights – they're allegedly for safety purposes


Got dark stairs? No. Nor do I. Nor does ANYONE. So “safety” can’t be the real reason that these awesome stick-on lights were created. No, they were blatantly made because they’ll make your stairs look like the spaceship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

What would be even cooler is if you could rig these up with pressure pads so that they only turn on when you step on the relevant step, or perhaps turn off. You can bet your bottom dollar that someone’s making a music video of that RIGHT NOW.

(via The Design Blog)

Is the free mobile video service Vtap worth the two minutes it takes to download?


The above photos were taken of my HTC Touch mobile, running a new service called Vtap, which offers video content direct to your mobile handset.

As you can see, the results on my phone were particularly unattractive to say the least, but that could be due to the GPRS internet connectivity and the actual handset’s performance. Downloading the small file was relatively painless, however navigating around the Vtap site proved much more challenging. With the offered videos on the home page being decidedly unappealing, you have to really search for anything that interests you…

Griffin announces "iKaraoke TunePrompter" free video creation tool

griffin_ikaraoke_tuneprompter_software.gifGriffin has announced its iKaraoke TunePrompter software, a free tool that lets you make karaoke videos from your existing music library. You do need to own the iKaraoke iPod gadget if you want to use the resulting video on your iPod, though the videos can also be used straight out of iTunes.

The software is easy to use: simply load up your favourite song, enter or find its lyrics, and then teach TunePrompter where those lyrics sit in the song by tapping the space bar along to the music.