Griffin introduces Shuffle Dock Adapter

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An endless stream of iPod add-ons hit the market, usually working with all iPod models “…except the Shuffle”. Well, say goodbye to all of that with the Shuffle Dock Adapter from Griffin.

It’s designed to offer second-generation iPod Shuffle owners the use of iPod sound systems in the same plug and play way as your average iPod. In fact, it doesn’t just work with the Shuffle, it works with any non-Apple player.

Just stick it into the dock bay of your speaker system and connect your player. It features a slider switch that toggles between Charge/Sync and Audio Play modes. In Charge/Sync Mode, it offers data transfer and iTunes synchronisation as well as charging, while the Audio Mode plays music.

Available from the end of May, it retails for £12.99.

Griffin website

Dave Walker
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