If you watch 10 shows on Joost this week…



Phew. Now that I’ve ditched my valiant-yet-sluggish Mac Mini for a ninja Core 2 Duo PC, I’ve actually been able to get onto Joost, the Telly 2.0 service that’s promising to revolutionise the way I watch TV (i.e. enable me to never have to watch Loose Women ever again).

So, every week I’m going to be picking out ten new shows that are worth watching on Joost, including their dedicated Joost Links to fire them up if you use the service. Enjoy…

1. The Long Blondes at Nottingham Rock City (pictured). Part of Rockworld.tv’s live channel, this shows the Sheffield band at their best. Yes, many of you will fall head over heels in lust with the singer too… Watch it

2. Happy Tree Friends – Mime And Mime Again. Animals being violent to one another is always good, as any Itchy & Scratchy fan knows. This Happy Tree Friends episode scores double points for providing graphic proof of why mime artists are Just Wrong. Watch it

3. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. Part of the genius Really Terrible Film Channel, this is a cowboys’n’inhumans B-movie that’ll make your jaw drop. Watch it

4. A Friend’s Cancer: Good For You? Apparently getting close to someone with cancer improves your own physical health. Part of the superbly dry The Onion channel. No, I didn’t know they did TV either. Watch it

5. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit On Demand channel. Because men are dogs. Watch it

6. Burning Man Festival. Part of the Indieflix channel, this documentary focuses on America’s largest counter-cultural event. Frankly, it makes Glastonbury look like a picnic in the park. Watch it

7. Deep South Wrestling. Makes the WWE look like a picnic at Glastonbury. Watch it

8. Reuters Technology Week. Like a US version of the BBC’s Click (spookily using the same ‘ooh, gentle techno must be the right soundtrack for tech stories’ background music). But informative all the same. Watch it

9. Morph Smart: Pop! It’s Morph! Taking his rightful place at the forefront of cutting-edge Web 2.0 technology like a… well, like a squeaky plasticine man. All the better without Tony Hart. Watch it

10. Legends Of Poker. From the official World Poker Tour channel, learn how to bluff with the big guns (or, more accurately, learn why you should never ever try to bluff with the big guns because they’ll fleece you in three hands). Watch it

Stuart Dredge
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