Konami opens PS3 Metal Gear Online beta for 3,000 lucky gamers



Konami has reportedly kicked off the beta test of its Metal Gear Solid Online by sending invites out to 3,000 gaming magazines and websites. It’s unclear whether this is in Europe alone, or across the world, as previous reports have claimed there’d be 3,000 beta places in Japan only.

Either way, the idea of an online MGS is intriguing, considering the series has built its name entirely on single-player stealth action. Having dozens of Solid Snakes running round arenas deathmatching, while surreal, would seem to go against the MGS ethos.

Anyway, if you’re not a games hack, you’ll have to wait and see how the game stacks up when it eventually comes out for PS3. Other guesses about its gameplay: it WON’T feature Manchester Cathedral, and will presumably have less really dull atmospheric cut-scenes than previous offline MGS games.

(via PSPSPS)

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