Konami pulls "Six Days in Fallujah" video game

Six-days-in Fallujah.jpg

Tough one this and quite surprising too in some ways but first person shooter fans will shed a tear today as Konami announces that they will not distribute the Iraq war epic Six Days in Fallujah.

Funnily enough there was a whopping great out cry about the game giving a firm answer to the question of how soon is too soon? The answer is apparently four years when you’re still fighting the same war.

I say it’s surprising because the cynical side of me though the media circus of a few weeks back was just some kind of PR stunt to make people buy the game but if it was it’s backfired in a rather large way. Scores of ex-servicemen complained despite the title going out of its way to use authentic materials for a full account of what it was like to be there and now it appears that all the work was for nought.

(via Asahi)

Metal Gear Online beta test coming to Europe – next week. And free


Sony releases its revamped PlayStation Store next week, and there’ll be one quite HUGE surprise waiting to be downloaded – a free beta test version of Metal Gear Online.

Not to be confused with the imminent Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Online is an entirely new and separate game for PS3. It’s online. As you might have guessed. It’s entirely multiplayer. It’s going to get PS3 owners excited…