Metal Gear movie announced: Our dream cast choices for Snake, Ocelot and more!

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The prospect of a Metal Gear film has been doing the rounds in the rumor mill for a good few years now, suffering from a likely dose of production hell and various aborted projects. We’re sure that anyone who’s ever played a Metal Gear game will have fantasied about the possibility of it making the big screen one day, but our prayers have been answered! Columbia have announced that a film adaptation of the game series is in the pipeline with Avi Arad set to produce.



The announcement was made on Wednesday in Tokyo at the 25th Anniversary Metal Gear bash, with Avi Arad making the official statement that the film is finally being made. He informed the audience that he views video games as the comic books of today and that Columbia would take its time to ensure that the movie will capture the nuances of the Metal Gear universe.


Avi Arad must be serious regarding his statement on games as the new comics as he is already rumored to have other gaming titles planned or in production as movie adaptations, including Mass Effect, inFAMOUS and Uncharted.

We’re not too sure about Avi Arad as producer though; producing a Metal Gear film is going to be a hard gig and Arad can be very inconsistent. The The Hulk he brought us in (2003’s) disappointing Hulk is an obvious low point, yet on the other hand produced gems with the more recent 2008 hit The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). Though these days it’s a cliche to say so, but perhaps Hideo Kojima’s intense story telling would be more suited to being produced or directed by the likes of someone such as the Nolan brothers. Kojima himself has admitted to be a fan of The Dark Knight Rises director.


No statement as of yet has been announced regarding how closely the Metal Gear movie will follow by the story arc of the games, or if it will be a new story set within the Metal Gear universe. However due to the 1998 release of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation being considered a trail blazer and one of the most highly regarded games not only within the Metal Gear series but also of all time, we’re gonna take a leap of faith and say it likely WILL follow the 1998 Metal Gear Solid story closely, being the most easily digestible, self-contained story of the series.

Based on that assumption, here are the top three actors we would like to see take leading roles in a Metal Gear Solid movie.


We feel that Viggo Mortensen would make a great choice to play Solid Snake. A combination of his brooding role of ‘Aaragorn / Strider’ in the Lord of the Rings movies, his intense acting ability shown in A History of Violence and the method acting demonstrated in The Road where he lost so much weight prove that Viggo could carry the lead role of such an iconic gaming hero. Though an honorable mention should go out to Kurt Russell’s character of Snake Plissken in Escape from New York, Hideo Kojima’s direct muse for Solid Snake. Perhaps Kurt Russell could play an ageing Snake as depicted later on in the Konami series.


Based almost entirely on his uncanny resemblance to Revolver, we feel Sam Elliott would be movie casting gold. Not to mention his Western drawl and resonant voice which also bears a a nice similarity to the gunslinger Ocelot.

Colonel Campbell
Recently I re-watched the first Transformers movie (2007), and after getting the idea for the top three actors to be cast in the Metal Gear Solid film, Jon Voight was the first actor who jumped into my head for this role. We feel his portrayal of Defense Sectary John Keller In Transformers could feed well into being Snakes Angel in his earpiece. He could also do a good ” Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaake!!!” scream, especially after being as cool as a cucumber when faced with a hillbilly trouser snake during his role in Deliverance (1972), I’m sure he’d like to let off some steam now after all these years and scream “Snaaaaaake!!!”.

Who would be your dream cast in your Metal Gear Solid movie? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments area below.

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