Konami drop hint of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360


Metal-gear-solid-4.jpgKonami is about to let the cat out of the back and when that cat is Metal Gear Solid 4 and that bag is the Xbox 360, then there’ll a lot of people out there quaking with geeky glee.

The teaser in the image above was spotted on the Konami site earlier today with the words “A Next Metal Gear Is…” and it would have left thick pants here in the total dark unless our very own Gary hadn’t pieced it together over on Xboxer.

If, like me, you don’t own a ‘box 360, it might have passed you by that the symbol on the right of the equation is not just any old power button but specifically the one from Microsoft’s machine.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s MGS4 we’re going to see when the curtain rises – whenever the hell that it anyway – but I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t. Time to sell the PS3.

(via Xboxer)

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Daniel Sung
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  • ok this is how it is its a port to the 360 microsoft has already asked for it and konami has already said that they would love to make the port. The ! sign is for when Soldiers see you in the game it has all ways been like that from the very first game they used ! to make a universal sign for power but xbox 360 is green
    Hinting it is for 360

  • it is like this:

    i + ! = i (the yield “i” is the one inside the power symbol)

    where “!” is a variable.

    Now the equation is asking:

    What is the rotation degree that keep a vector in the same direction ?

    The answer is 360 šŸ™‚

    The power symbol contains an “i” whithin a ring. The ring also represent 360 rotation.


  • Why exactly is it time to sell the PS3?

    Firstly this could be any Metal Gear (i.e. a retro XBLA) or it might not be for the 360 at all – the i could imply the DSi or the Wii.

    Secondly, if it was MGS4 for 360 (I’m still doubtful) how does this effect PS3 owners that will have been playing this game for at least a year by the time this comes out?

    Did 360 owners sell their 360 when Bioshock was announced for PS3? Or one of the many other ex-360 franchises that have been making their way over to PS3? No.

    Also why would people sell a console that has had more exclusives and more top-rated games than the 360 this year? (Google for the article if you don’t believe me). Or sell a console with more first-party genuine non-PC exclusives due out this winter and throughout the new year?

    If the year-old MGS4 is all MS can think of to spend their money to counter the likes of KillZone 2, Uncharted 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy Vs XIII, M.A.G, The Agency, DC Universe Online, Infamous and Gran Turismo 5 to name but a handful of the exclusives due out on the PS3 next year then I feel quite sorry for 360 fanboys…

    It would be hilarious if this was actually an ad for a PS3 expansion pack or new PS3 exclusive – I can just imagine all those blogging 360 fanboys faces after they realise they’ve jizzed in their pants too soond!

    • Fair comments, fair comments them all. I was having a bit of fun with my last sentence.

      For the record, I own neither an Xbox nor a PS3 – well, not until Christmas anyway. The only thing I’ve really got against the Station is that it’s massive. Aside that, I’m not too fussed which I’m playing on.

      As for today’s clue, it’s pretty hard to say what it’s all about. I’d guess it’s an Xbox story by the colour of the standby button but it’s not only Microsoft that can claim green. I imagine all will be clear next week.

  • What’re you stupid? Konami and Kojima already told the world that the next MGS (5) would show up as Multi-platform. Trying to fuel a fanboy fire or something?


  • By the way, if it is a new game, then it will be on the DS. Think like Hideo, with the dual touch screen, that is a mine field for potential MGS type action, he would have a ball designing a game based on the DS control scheme. Then again it might be just VR training for PS3, like PS1…then again it might just be a port to the 360, there’s money to be made, but the DS has sold upwards of 80 million units, I’m sure there would be money made on that too.

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