Extremely finely-crafted Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation3 one-off wealthy billionaire edition


metal-gear-solid-4-ps3-custom.jpgGood lord, a PS3 that looks a bit like it’s worth having.

The work of console-customiser Morpheon Mods, this PS3 – complete with the signature of MGS4 creator Hideo Kojima – is currently up on eBay, going for a ludicrous $6000 at time of writing.

Featuring a cut steel MGS logo, white micro LEDs illuminating the edges and a convincing active camouflage design – it has it all. Plus the controller is a totally custom piece, designed to mimic the look of in-game MGS4 devices. And built out of carbon fibre.

There even a fully-working 60GB PlayStation3 underneath it all, so you can play Metal Gear Solid 4 and… Metal Gear Solid 4 through again, as you’d have to be quite a fan/lunatic in order to pay such a vast premium for a pimped PS3.

(Via BR)

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Gary Cutlack
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