Sexy dancing robot ladies look at you, in some clever artistic commentary on CCTV society

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dancing-robots-mutate-britain-exhibit.jpgIf you want the thrill of seeing a woman dancing on a stage but without the risk of being seen entering the establishment or having to make eye contact with a live female, here’s a perfect futuristic solution.

This collection of moving, gyrating, female-like components can be seen in action at the Mutate Britain exhibition, where you can stare all you want without being made to feel sad or guilty because robots don’t have feelings of self-worth and it’s OK to treat them as objects. Because they are objects.

There’s some video of these lovely CCTV-headed ladies in action over on the BBC and a few more photos of their pink components on the maker’s site, if you want to remain an extra level removed from it all and have your own little private dance via the internet.

(Via Dvice)

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