Sexy dancing robot ladies look at you, in some clever artistic commentary on CCTV society


If you want the thrill of seeing a woman dancing on a stage but without the risk of being seen entering the establishment or having to make eye contact with a live female, here’s a perfect futuristic solution.

This collection of moving, gyrating, female-like components can be seen in action at the Mutate Britain exhibition, where you can stare all you want without being made to feel sad or guilty because…

Video: Child climbs into claw machine – child climbs out of claw machine

We saw before what happens when a kid gets stuck in a claw grabber machine but the major mystery was how on Earth the little tyke got in there in the first place. Here today to answer that question is a young lady from the other side of the pond who doesn’t really seem to be fazed by the prospect of being smothered by a thousand Beanie Baby knock offs. – Watch more free videos

Chinese couple suing subway operator over CCTV kiss leaked onto YouTube

cctv_camera.jpgAn amorous Chinese couple captured on film by CCTV as they hugged and kissed on a subway platform is planning to sue the operator for the subsequent leak of the footage onto YouTube and other video sharing sites.

The three-minute video allegedly contained “a mocking voice” in the background, with the couple said to be “extremely embarrassed”. It had reportedly been viewed over 15,000 times in the first two days after it was uploaded.

“Now every time I walk into a metro station I feel uncomfortable,” the unwitting male video star said.

Keep an eye on things with the RC Surveillance Cam

rc-surveillance-cam.jpgDo lots of people really want to set up their own home surveillance systems? Normal people, I mean, who don’t live in expensive houses that could be robbed at any minute by a passing burglar.

The makers of the RC Surveillance Cam hope there’s a market. Costing £119.95, it consists of a camera, and a handset which you use both to control the cam’s pan’n’tilt, but also to watch the live streaming footage on a 2.5-inch screen, and listen through the speakers.

Opinion: Why we should all smile as stars of CCTV

Jon_small_new.jpgYep, you’re right, that is an album by Hard-Fi but it’s a serious point, because a funny thing happened to me today – I went to the dentist! Nothing particular humorous in that, no you are right, but seriously I am telling the tooth! Ok, enough with the bad jokes already.

As I sat in the dentist chair, he said there was something he wanted to show me and quickly thrust it towards my mouth. I was a bit shocked but suddenly it all became clear – he’s had a techno-makeover in the surgery. And boy, what an exciting 10 minutes it was…