Criminals rejoice as infra-red headband flips CCTV the bird


cctv-buster.jpgLook, I’m as concerned about the increasing number of security cameras watching our every move as the next man – well, as long as the next man isn’t a mugger – but do I think the idea of an infra-red headband that foils CCTV cameras is a good idea? Hell, no!

It’s been designed as a German art project, and involves a headband with a bunch of infra-red LEDs on it. Apparently, the result is that CCTV cameras flare out the face of whoever’s wearing it, allowing them to go about their business without fear of being spied on by The Man.

Here’s the problem: who’d buy this apart from paranoid types (could you incorporate some tin foil?) and actual criminals? You might as well go the whole hog and book some ads for it in Bank Robber Magazine.

I.R.A.S.C. website (via Gadget Lab)

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