Clip-on screen turns PS3 into a handheld games console. Sort of.


ps3-screen.jpgWell, you would need ENORMOUS hands, but it’s a start. Nevover Electronic has released an LCD screen that attaches to your PS3, making Sony’s console portable.

Well, you’d need a power supply, obviously, and hi-res PS3 games won’t look that purdy on a seven-inch screen, even if it does boast a high-speed refresh rate. There’s also two one-watt speakers and dual earphone jacks for sound.

Let’s face it: this is purely a novelty product, although if I could think of a way around the power problem, it’d be fantastic for causing a stir on train journeys. Although marginally more likely to get nicked than a PSP.

Nevover PS3 7″ LCD screen website (via PSPSPS)

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One thought on “Clip-on screen turns PS3 into a handheld games console. Sort of.

  • ha ha cool idea, but its way too big not to mention power supply, the small PSP slim is a better option imo

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