Whole House-Off Switch: Shut down your house to save the planet!



As I’m sitting here working, there are dozens of things switched on in my house: fridge, washing machine, this computer, the central heating, bedroom alarm clock, hi-fi… And even when I go out, they’ll still be sucking electricity, costing me money and KILLING GOD’S GREEN EARTH. Ahem, sorry, got a bit carried away with eco-fervour there.

Anyway, the Whole House-Off Switch is an innovative attempt to tackle the problem. The idea is simple: when you leave the house, one switch turns everything off. Well, all the unnecessary stuff, anyway. I assume you’d have to wire your home up so that the freezer hasn’t defrosted by the time you return.

The idea is to think of easier ways for homeowners to go green. The cost and hassle of sorting out the wiring is obviously a downside, but imagine the simplicity once it’s installed…

(via Inhabitat)

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