Greenpeace wants to survey green gadgets as well as companies



If you’re a regular reader of Tech Digest, you might remember our posts on Greenpeace’s consumer electronics reports, in which it rates the world’s top tech companies on their production and recycling processes to see how eco-friendly they are.

Well, Greenpeace is now going a stage further, and is preparing to rate individual gadgets as well as the companies that make them. Categories to be tested include computers, mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and games consoles, and companies are being invited to submit their products for testing.

Greenpeace’s people are canny PR operators, so expect the iPhone to be included when the first report comes out, ensuring headlines if it’s exceptionally green / planet-killing. It’ll be interesting to see if companies making products that get a high rating then use this as a selling point, too.

Greenpeace Electronics Survey (via Inhabitat)

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