Greenpeace campaigning for a greener iPhone


greenpeace-iphone-ad.jpgImagine: you’re first in the queue outside an Apple Store at 5.59pm on 29th June, with one hand on your credit-card while the other is planted squarely in the face of the person behind to make sure they don’t push past. And suddenly you’re plagued by doubt: what if this iPhone thing isn’t ecologically sound?

Okay, so it’s an unlikely scene, since green issues won’t be high in the priorities of many iPhone early adopters. But Greenpeace thinks they should be, and is running a campaign to persuade Apple to make its new handset as green as possible.

Key measures Greenpeace would like to see are a global ‘take back’ policy to improve recycling rates, as well as a removable battery so people don’t have to junk their iPhone simply because it can’t hold its juice any more. Will Apple agree? Watch this space.

(via iPhonic)

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