Sony says sorry for PS3 cathedral controversy

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Sony copped some flak from the Church Of England a couple of weeks ago for daring to set one level of PS3 title Resistance: Fall Of Man inside a building bearing a startling resemblance to Manchester Cathedral.

The Bishop of Manchester got shirty, and now Sony’s only gone and apologised, albeit with thinly-disguised mirth at the sheer silliness of the whole affair.

“We do not accept that there is any connection between contemporary issues of 21st Century Manchester and a work of science fiction in which a fictitious 1950s Britain is under attack by aliens,” says the company. “It was not our intention to cause offence by using a representation of Manchester Cathedral in chapter eight of the work. If we have done so, we sincerely apologise.”

For heaven’s sake. Getting gamers to leg it around cathedrals cleansing them of deadly aliens is a GREAT way to get youngsters engaged with the Church. Think how many PS3 owners might have taken a stroll around Manchester Cathedral purely because they’ve had some happy virtual fraggings there.

It’s not as if Resistance sees you shooting vergers with a nail-gun before blowing the building up with rocketfire and baseball-batting prostitutes to death on the ruins. While Sonic The Hedgehog looks on. That would be worth apologising for.

I’m more concerned with getting Sony to apologise for the woeful lobby system when playing MotorStorm online. But as yet, no bishops have come forward to protest on my behalf.

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