Sony plans to sue PS3 hackers


ps3-shot.jpgOkay, so this isn’t the most surprising news the games industry has ever seen. But Sony has said it will “aggressively pursue” anyone trying to hack PS3’s anti-piracy software, after reports that hackers have managed to crack the console’s firmware to make it boot up pirated games.

“Unfortunately, hackers will try to exploit any hardware system software,” says Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson Dave Karraker. “The best we can do as a company is to make our security that much stronger and aggressively pursue legal action against anyone caught trying to use an exploit in an illegal manner.”

Don’t expect to see sackloads of pirated PS3 games down your local boot sale just yet – hackers can boot hooky games on the console, but can’t actually run them yet.

Meanwhile, the fact that next-gen consoles are connected gives companies like Sony a new way to combat the hackers – by not allowing modded consoles to access their online networks. Microsoft’s been trying this with Xbox Live.

In short, though, PS3 is no different from any other console, in that hackers will try to crack its protection software, Sony will find ways to stop them, and the vast majority of PS3 owners will be blissfully unaware of the whole farrago.


Stuart Dredge
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  • Good Luck!! There will be alot of Lawsuits. The PSP Homebrew community is huge, Imagine the PS3 when it gets opened up. I doubt sony will do anything to thousands of people who try this.

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