Church of England wants to sue Sony over "irresponsible" PS3 game


Crumbs. The Church of England isn’t happy with Sony, after the appearance of Manchester Cathedral in PS3 first-person shooter Resistance: Fall Of Man. The Bishop of Manchester has condemned the game, saying Sony didn’t have permission to use the interior of the cathedral in it, and is demanding that the game be taken off sale.

“For a global manufacturer to re-create one of our great cathedrals with photo-realistic quality and then encourage people to have guns battles in the building is beyond belief and highly irresponsible,” said the Bishop. The CoE and Sony are due to have talks early this week – with more than a million copies of Resistance already sold, it’ll be interesting to see if Sony does decide to withdraw it from sale.

(via BBC News Online)

Stuart Dredge
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  • Just great, now even the church want’s to sue Sony for something, I can’t imagine just how much pathetic things can come, in the game there is no mention to that church in particular as far as I remember, I don’t remember either to see Jesus in the game or something directely connected to religion, yes, they used a scenario that was meant to look like a church, and you can kill Quimerians on that scenario, maybe game designers used some of the architecture of a real church to use in the game, and SO WHAT? I won’t leave my house to go to a church and kill quimerians or peoplle just because that was in a game, and I don’t understand why the church is so upset about this “episode”, Mel Gibson made direct references to christ and used much much much more violence in the movie, still, the movie passed in all cinemas around the world… there is a very recent game for Xbox360 where the character reads the biblle while he shoots peoplle in the head, isn’t that a direct relation with the values of church? Now they come and say: “Hey, that building looks lyke our church, and it is in a virtual world… OMG… they are using guns…! Let’s sue Sony and become popular and bring more peoplle to our believes” I love GOD, I hate church and most of catholic priests! They should worry more with the hundreds of pedophiles they have in their so saint church… and not to worry so much about a game that has a level that resambles a building… if they start suing all companies for those kind of thing they should better have 10 million lawyers…

  • WTFE,

    I like your comment but Church of England are not catholic, as for child molesting i say NO COMMENT.

  • I don’t mean to be a fact nazi here but Sony’s best selling game, Resistance has only sold 600,000 units not “over a million” as you state.

    Yes i know that was petty but i’m compulsive obsessive and i can’t help myself sometimes.

  • The church has better things to do than think up ways to screw somebody out of royalties, which is never going to happen.

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