Daily Tech Hotlinks for 18-June-2007: China, Sony, closed captioning, text speak, Blu-ray

– China is blaming the internet for 80% of juvenile crime, including murders, such as the case of the 16year old boy who killed his parents for refusing to give him money to go to a cybercafe.
– Shock! Horror! Sony’s PR department actually does some work, and apologises to The Church of England for the Resistance: Fall of Man business. Next shock: Sony actually releases quality video games!
– Could closed captioning be coming to web videos, for those hard of hearing who simply must watch the video of two otters holding hands?
– The British Goverment…

Does the Church of England have any rights over a virtual Manchester Cathedral?

andy-merrett.jpgAndy Merrett writes…

An almighty row (no pun intended, honest) has broken out between two giants: Sony and the Church of England.

It’s all down to the highly controversial use of Manchester Cathedral in Sony’s hit game “Resistance: Fall of Man”.

Both the Church, and relatives of victims of Manchester’s gun crime, have condemned Sony for producing the game, branding it “sick” and “highly irresponsible”.

Sci-fi it may be (the first-person shooter is annihilating aliens as they dash around the sanctuary toting a huge gun) – and that’s the line Sony is sticking to – but the Church of England is considering legal action if the game is not removed from shelves and if Sony do not apologise.

In the highly unlikely event that Sony do remove the game voluntarily from shelves, they’ll be reaching up to the number one shelf position – this controversy will probably just increase the game’s popularity.

So does it matter?