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Time to get excitied, ladies! The Doro 525 is pink, which means it’s for you. He’s not allowed near it. His big, dirty hands would crush it in seconds and leave a nasty brown residue down the side of its sleek, curvy buttons. He would also make it smell of sweat and feet AND take it into the toilet.

The Doro 525 Pink is “for the style-conscious UK consumer” according to Doro’s Chris Millington, which means it’s pink. If he’d just said “it’s pink” he would’ve saved himself a whole lot of unnecessary typing there.

Doro has done its research into this whole pink thing, too. It quotes a recent YouGov survey which reckons 71 percent of UK homeowners think of most home phones as ‘forgettable’, ‘dull’ and ‘outdated’, with 50 percent more women than men wanting phones people would describe as ‘funky’ and ‘cool’.

All we look for in a phone is one that ‘works’ and has a ‘nice ring’ for when we get our annual phone call from mum on our birthday.

All this official research “clearly indicates the growing need for more stylish, funky and design-driven home telephony products” according to Doro, which is also trying to get its new phone associated with colour therapy – a particularly odd form of new-age nonsense that’s got Doro promising that that 525 Pink “lends itself to the violet-pink end of the spectrum within the colour wheel.”

Amazingly, we’re also supposed to believe this:

“When pink has a violet tint it’s more uplifting and helps us to gain a feeling of completeness and fulfillment. So people can enhance their communications by taking advantage of the therapeutic qualities of pink.”

Sentences like that make us want to storm Currys and smash up all its stock of Doro 525 Pinks, then paint the walls black and lie on the floor listening to Joy Division songs until the police arrive. But if you’re into pink, believe herbal/organic claptrap about colour therapy and have £39.99 spare, the 525 Pink is yours.

It comes with batteries that give you 100 hours of standby and ten hours of talk time, has a 300 metre outdoor range, but only a 50 metre range indoors when the signal is being ‘beamed’ through walls and floors and things. It has six ring tones. And it is pink.

Doro 525 Pink

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