T-Mobile draws 18,000 karaoke singers to Trafalgar Square

Last night, in central London, 18,000 Londoners gathered to belt out karaoke hits in Trafalgar Square in the latest T-Mobile advertising stunt. The crowds convened at 6pm, and massive queues snaked into the central area. Pop star Pink showed up, too, and you can see in the video above.

After a couple of warm-up tracks, former T4 host Vernon Kaye led the crowd through several rock hits including “Hey Jude” and “Is This The Way to Amarillo?”. The staff at the nearby Texas Embassy confirmed to me that no, this wasn’t the way to Amarillo.

The Karaoke session follows a mass dance-off that took place in Liverpool Street Station in January and was subsequently used in adverts for the company. If you attended the karaoke fun last night, then don’t be surprised if your rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” ends up soundtracking the company’ latest handsets.


UPDATED: New Zunephone Rumours


I know, I know, this one’s been round the block a few times, but given Microsoft’s dalliances with portable media players, and the fact that they own the most popular smartphone OS in Windows Mobile, it’s nearly a given that there’ll be some sort of Zunephone before long.

The rumours have resurfaced after the announcement that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be delivering the keynote address – the spot which was previously filled by Bill Gates. Microsoft almost always unveils something at CES, and given that we know plenty about Windows 7 already, a Zunephone is on the cards.

Sony reveals Vaio CS11 in lots of colours, particularly "bubblegum pink"


Of all the colours, we’d imagine it’ll be the bubblegum pink model that will be discounted first. That’ll have £100 knocked off its price after three months when they start piling up in the showrooms.

Then the brown one will come down in price, as we’d imagine not many people want brown laptops either.

But! What people do want at the moment is cheap, low-spec netbooks…

Japan gets three new Eee PC colours – 4G XP model now comes in pink, green and blue

Of course, it’s not just “pink,” “green” and “blue”, though. That would be boring. That would be too easy, too predictable. They need SPECIAL NAMES! The new Japanese XP-packing Eee comes in “Sky Blue,” “Rush Green” and “Brush Pink.”

Here is the Sky Blue variant. It’s a little flash of summer to brighten up your afternoon. I have drawn in the Sun myself, for extra summer realism.


Sky Blue we understand. It’s blue. Like the sky is occasionally. Rush Green we also sort of understand, as, presumably, Asus means it’s as green as some rushes.

But Brush Pink? The phrase “as pink as a brush” doesn’t ring any bells…

Top five crap Valentine’s Day colourways/products to get your loved loathed one tomorrow

This happens but once a year, where companies feel compelled to spray-paint their products an embarrassing shade of red or pink in the hopes some daft fool will be forced to buy it at 5.42pm on the 14th of February, because Godiva and Charbonnel et Walker have run out of chocolates.

Here’s my top five pick of what not to buy someone for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Not a single one. No-one. Just don’t do it. Get them some tins of Green Giant niblets instead.

1.) Sony VAIO CR notebook – an expensive present for your loved one, this red-painted laptop will set you back $1,000, however you can be safe in the knowledge your partner will slap you for insulting him/her with a red matching cover and heart-shaped key chain. What? You think they actually like Sony VAIOs?!….