UPDATED: New Zunephone Rumours

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zune-phone.jpgI know, I know, this one’s been round the block a few times, but given Microsoft’s dalliances with portable media players, and the fact that they own the most popular smartphone OS in Windows Mobile, it’s nearly a given that there’ll be some sort of Zunephone before long.

The rumours have resurfaced after the announcement that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be delivering the keynote address – the spot which was previously filled by Bill Gates. Microsoft almost always unveils something at CES, and given that we know plenty about Windows 7 already, a Zunephone is on the cards.

One research company – Global Equities Research – alleges that Microsoft will unveil a device combining the features of the Zune and the “Danger” Sidekick handhelds, along with “some motion enhancement features” using an accelerometer.

It would match up with other recent reports that the company has a Zunephone in development under the code-name of ‘Pink’. Tech Digest will be present and correct at CES in January, and so we’ll have the latest news from the ground as it breaks. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Gizmodo are reporting that this story is a dud. They’re quoting the Group Manager of Zune as saying “No Zune phone at CES.” They reckon there’s going to be some sort of Zuney platform unveiled, but not an actual device.

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