Shiny Video Review: Pink Fly Mobile SLT 100 and SL399E handsets

Ok, so it *might* be pink, but judging by the amount of entries I’ve been receiving from women the past week I’ve been running our Christmas give-aways, we have a lot more female readers than first thought. Don’t start expecting pink fluffy iPod covers girls, but I’ll indulge you in these two new mobiles from Fly.

Both handsets are available from Virgin…

Pink amethyst crystal-encrusted Swarovski Fashion Rocks headphones, for the chav within

If you’re a Londoner, you probably caught wind of the 2007 Swarovski Fashion Rocks event which was held the other week, in fact, you would’ve read reports in the London rags, of the twiglet Kate Moss and cowboy-booted Johnny ‘Jozza Bozza’ Borrell being naughty and smoking during the proceedings.

One of the products created to commemorate the event were these luxury DJ headphones, which are encrusted in…

Sony gives three products a pink spray-job for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

sony-breast-cancer.jpgYou may be thinking this is better suited to our pink-clad sister blog, Shiny Shiny, but considering it’s for a good cause (and I’m sure there’s a few readers on Tech Digest wanting to spend the pink pound), I’m going to mention it anyway.

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Sony has done the noble thing and jumped on the ‘oooh, let’s give all our gadgets a pink makeover to support the cause’ bandwagon. Three of their products have been given a pink sprayjob, firstly the VGN-CR290EAP laptop for $1,369.99…

Prince, Maroon 5, Pink, Simply Red and New Order follow The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Apple iPod collaboration!

img alt=”ipodmashup.jpg” src=”” width=”350″ height=”215″ />
Well, if I were ‘in’ with Steve Jobs and his cronies, that’d be the case, anyway!

My more-than-slightly-dodgy Photoshop of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine iPod last week caused such a furore over the internets, with plenty of sites not only linking to our story, but also pinching the mock-up I created. It got to the point where when Gizmodo linked to us and originally included my ‘mad Photoshop skillzorz’, several readers complained about the quality of the pic, and their Photoshop da Vinci, Jesus Diaz, had to hurriedly create a new one to sate the Apple fanboys’ appetite. I can just imagine the horrified looks on their faces as they realised someone had desecrated their beloved Jesus ‘pod without actually having a graphic design degree. Gasp!

So I thought I’d throw a bit more bleach on your eyes with some more band-themed iPods Apple really should create. Stuff the Beatles’ whole catalogue, who wants…Simply Red’s? Apart from moi?…